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Location of toxic waste sites extracted (utilizing SAS) from EPA's CERCLIS tape dated 1/96. Created two files from the CERCLIS tape, one containing only longitude and latitude data which generated an ARC coverage, and one containing attribute data (name of facility, street address, etc.) for an INFO table. Of the 12,793 records in the CERCLIS tape, 12,680 points where generated. The remaining records (less than 1%) did not have longitude/latitude data.

Location of public housing sites extracted (utilizing SAS) from HUD's 951-file last updated 1989. Again, two files were created, one containing longitude and latitude for generating an ARC coverage, and the second containing attribute data. The 951-file contained 21,798 records, of which 17,750 had longitude/latitude, which is 81.4% of the total.

A HUD file entitled "Family Data on Subsidized Housing Projects" updated June 1995 was converted to INFO and related to the public housing project file for determination of racial composition of the projects, and 1990 census data was utilized for racial composition of surrounding neighborhoods.